December 5, 2022

Press Release – “The Haftarah and Its Parsha”


For some two thousand years, the practice at every Jewish congregation on Shabbos morning has been to read a weekly portion from the Torah followed by a reading from the books of the prophets, the haftarah.

Despite the haftarah’s antiquity and universality, we know little about its origin or purpose.

This newly released groundbreaking book identifies the relationship between each haftarah and its parsha and explores how this connection remains pertinent today. The book also reviews what is known about the haftarah’s origins.

“The Haftarah and Its Parsha” came about because its author, Richard W. Golden, became curious as to the reason for each haftarah-parsha pairing. A quick review found only cursory discussions of the subject. This led to a more in-depth search of what traditional and contemporary literature had to say. Golden found that the best explanation of the reason for each pairing could be discovered in the parsha and haftarah verses themselves. “The Haftarah and Its Parsha” is the result of Golden’s study.

The discussion of each pairing may be read week-by-week on Shabbos. It should not be necessary for the reader to have already reviewed that week’s haftarah and parsha.

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